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How Cutting-Edge Technology Enhances Our Products

To improve people’s lives, you need the right tools. The application of new and emerging technology ensures we’re always ahead of the curve.

With 800+ Global Technology specialists across seven Global Technology Centers and a team of top-notch scientists and engineers, innovation at Colgate-Palmolive continues to be at the forefront of our industry — empowering us to reimagine a healthier future for all.

In fact, we file more patents than any of our Oral Care competitors. In a typical year, across all categories, our teams are granted more than 1,000 global patents. But we’re not just Oral Care leaders.

At Colgate-Palmolive, we publish more than 100 scientific studies per year and are constantly conducting and publishing clinical research across skincare, household goods, and pets.

By putting our customers first and empowering our employees to continuously create and iterate with best-in-class science and technology, we’re able to create products that address the needs and desires of real people. Take a look at some of the products that utilize our cutting-edge technology to create better experiences for people around the world.

Understanding Electrochemistry’s Impact on Teeth Whitening

“The electrochemistry process can be powerful,” says Dr. Leighton Davis-Smith, the Director of Technology of Device and Chemistry R&D at Colgate-Palmolive. So powerful, in fact, that the process has the ability to elevate and accelerate the ability to whiten teeth.

Below, Davis-Smith walks through how applied voltage, electrodes, and peroxide gel have created the perfect combination to help create whiter smiles. Innovation at Colgate-Palmolive has never looked brighter.

Whitening Trays: Understand Electrochemistry’s Impact on Teeth Whitening with Dr. Leighton Davis-Smith, Director of Technology

Amping Up the Body’s Response to Bacteria

Not all antibacterial soap is created equal.

The human body naturally produces antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) to fight bacteria. But the Skin Research & Innovation team discovered that the natural ingredient flaxseed oil dramatically boosts AMP levels found in the skin — over 10x more than regular bar soap.  Even antibacterial soaps that contain phenoxyethanol — a major ingredient in many soaps — don’t protect as effectively as Protex with Flaxseed Oil.

In laboratory and clinical tests shown below, live 3D skin tissue models responded better to Protex with flaxseed oil — and killed more bacteria as a result.

Creating a Protective Barrier for Your Whole Mouth

Toothpaste isn’t just for your teeth.

Soft tissue — like the tongue, cheeks, and gums — can be a breeding ground for bacteria. With Colgate Total, the amount of bacteria that are present in your entire mouth is significantly less than traditional fluoride toothpaste, as a few of our scientists demonstrate below.

With Colgate Total, the amount of bacteria that are present in your entire mouth is significantly less than traditional fluoride toothpaste

Protecting Our Body’s First Line of Defense — Our Skin

Be it the harsh weather, pollution, or sunlight, our skin goes through more than we likely consider. Backed by more than 10 years of scientific and clinical studies, the team at EltaMD introduced Skin Recovery System, with the patented AAComplex Technology, which repairs damaged skin faster and more effectively than without it.

Defending The Body’s Largest Organ

The skin contains a vitally important component that protects us from harmful bacteria and strengthens our natural defenses: the microbiome.

But frequent exposure to outside elements — for example, too much hand-washing, pollution, or UV rays — can leave skin vulnerable. The TripleBiotic technology behind Sanex BiomeProtect looks to change that. With a balance of prebiotics and postbiotics, the formulation protects against harmful bacteria while nourishing good bacteria, ensuring healthier, hydrated skin.